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Welcome one, welcome all! To the Golden Cow's homepage!

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If you're here, you are probably wondering just exactly what the Golden Cow Web Ring is all about. The Golden Cow Web Ring is the web ring with the fewest requirements on the internet! To be a member all you have to do is- Have a homepage worthy of being inside the Golden Cow Ring by being as cool as the Golden Cow. Now you are probably asking,"Why is this web ring called The Golden Cow Web Ring?" Well my answer to you is this,"The cow ,in Bogota, is considered a god because they believe that the cow once gave its last cup of sugar to a poor anteater who had no sugar and when God saw this he said,'let cows be holy!' and so the cows became holy. People all over the island of Bogota worship small golden shrines of cows they keep in their restrooms next to the kleenex box because they think 'boogers' are made of sugar (I'm not even going to tell you the story behind that). This is what gives this web ring it's name." If you believe that this is the web ring you think is right for you...JOIN!! Nothing's stopping you!

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This Golden Cow Web Ring Site is owned by
Sam Seide.

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The proud creators of the ring

Sam, Adam, and Cody

More pics of me and my weird friends!

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